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Recent News

Integrated Health Systems Making Their Way into U.S. Health Care

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law back in 2010 by the Obama administration, sections of the bill have been implemented each year. Several different positive changes have already made their way into public and private health insurance. This year, one of the major changes will be the government's incentive program to help streamline the way people receive medical care.

The plan is to get physicians to form "Accountable Care Organizations" by joining together through government incentives. Through these Accountable Care Organizations, doctors will be able to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and help prevent illness and disease. Additionally, doctors have a better opportunity to improve the quality of care and better coordinate patient care for all those that have either private or public health insurance. These are all benefits that will help Americans get much better and higher quality care. It can also ease the time it takes to receive information from doctor to doctor. This will make it easier for patients to seek medical care at a different location or with a specialist without the hassle that normally accompanies it.

The incentive for doctors is that if these Accountable Care Organizations reduce overall health care system costs while providing high quality care, they will be allowed to keep some of the money the doctors helped the system. This way, both doctors and patients win in the scenario and care is made better.

Give Back By Donating Used Medical Equipment

Private medical practices can make a big difference in their community by donating used, unneeded medical equipment to local universities or emergency medical services. Over the weekend, a major online medical device retailer donated 50 exam tables . This donation was presented to aid in cardiology research efforts. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services Health Care has been urging private practices and medical equipment retailers to donate what they no longer need. Aside from helping those in need, donors are also rewarded with a tax deduction equal to the value of their donation.

OSF Medical Strives to Make Clinic-Patient Relationship Stronger

It is true that many patients feel a disconnect when it comes to their physician or the clinics they visit. The physician is the professional and therefore a connection feels like it can never be mended. However, the opposite is true for many caring physicians. Patients come first and to show that this is how it should be, OSF Medical was created. We believe that patients should feel close to their physician and be able to ask or find out information about anything and at any time. As a result, we have developed this site to build a stronger relationship with our patients by providing as much information as possible.

Most patients view a physician's office or clinic as a steel building rather than a place to maintain the health of all that enter. Whirlwind Steel buildings or not, physician's offices should always be viewed as the one place patients can go to in order to stay healthy and receive the services that will help accomplish that goal. We have the most qualified physicians in our practice and provide a little background on each so that patients can become acquainted much quicker.

At OSF Medical, we provide various services that include assisted care, physical therapy, physicals, annual checkups, and more. Our physicians are in constant contact with all patients in order to be able to better help them. Through this constant contact, we hope to build stronger relationships and healthier patients.

Advantages of DICOM Imaging

At OSF Medical, our main priority is our patients. We strive day in and day out to ensure that our patients get the care they desperately need and provide the best services possible. Our services include physical therapy, physicals, annual checkups, assisted care, and more. We also hire only the best physicians in the area and ensure they are well trained, reliable, and offer years of experience to our patients. In our efforts to offer the best services, we also obtain the best technology and medical equipment possible. At OSF Medical, we are proud to carry a DICOM system for medical image sharing.

DICOM, or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, is a system that helps transmit, print, store, and handle information in medical imagine. Through the use of a DICOM viewer, medical professionals can transmit files between entities or offices that are capable of receiving patient data and images in DICOM format. The system integrates network hardware, printers, workstations, servers, and scanners from several manufacturers into a PACS (picture archiving and communication system). With the DICOM viewer, medical professionals can more easily share patient images and information between offices.

While many hospitals already employ DICOM systems, more and more doctors' offices are starting to integrate the system as well. At OSF Medical, we are one of the doctors' offices that are leading the way in technological advancement and employ the DICOM system. With the advantages of this system and a great medical staff, we better serve our patients.

The Internet Streamlines the Process of Seeing a Doctor

The advent of the Internet and the prevalence of businesses online have changed the way we do things. One major example comes in the medical field; a field that many would never have thought would go online. While the Internet does limit just what kind of medical advice or business can be conducted, there are a number of options people have. At OSF Medical, we want to help usher this new wave of medical practice in order to better assist patients in need. One way we and the entire medical field are doing this is by offering online doctor consultations.

Many medical practices are beginning to create websites that are more versatile, offering patients more options. Online doctor consultations can be performed right on a medical practitioner's website. Since we have a long list of doctors and medical facilities as part of our vast network of health professionals, individuals have a number of sites they can choose from.

It must be understood, however, that although doctors can have a rather broad online consultation session, they cannot provide accurate answers without a proper diagnosis. But doctors can talk to potential patients or new patients about symptoms and provide general advice. This can be very important in streamlining long doctor office visits by potentially eliminating the visit altogether if the symptoms don't warrant it. Of course, this differs from patient to patient, as well as doctor to doctor.